(E-3)  CAMS Enterprises version



CAMS Enterprises version (CAMS)


CAMS is a computer aided order management system. Designed to work with OG (open gateway) provided by the exchange. This system is usually named as OG/BSS. CAMS-Enterprises Edition is in fact a trading system to be used in place of the exchange provided terminals plus many additional risk control functions not available from the exchange provided systems.


CAMS-Enterprises system (CAMS) can talk to your back office system (POP System) so that you can verify client's fund position as well as stock position and thus help you to decide whether you accept an order instruction or not. This business logic has been integrated into the system as a RISK CONTROL KERNEL which will do the credit verification job on behalf of you. The system can reject order for conditions not meet with your requirement. All requirements are adjustable by you.


CAMS-Enterprises (CAMS) provide order status window for your client or A/E so that and they know exactly how their order being processed. (CAMS) is ready to process order from internet. CAMS has system design based on TCP/IP for its communication language, which is a common format between internet participants.


CAMS-Enterprises (CAMS) can talk with other service provider via ORS provided by the Exchange. This means that any order instruction will come to CAMS without hindrance.


The system is built on Window NT/2000 environment and use MSSQL server for database maintenance. All user interface are Graphical and able to show multiple windows for different information. Designed with Visual Basic and Visual C.


CAMS 即是電腦化輔助交易管理系統的簡稱,Enterprises即企業版,採用Microsoft Window NT Enterprises Version 作運作系統的基礎,以VBVC等先進開發工具,配合POP的經驗,嚴謹態度發展而成,是OG/BSS的首選,功能強大,除了可以完全代替交易所終端機功能外,更提供與後勤系統的連繫,可以用作客戶的風險管理,更可以讓使用者即時查詢交易狀況。本系統可與其它系統銜接,例如配合交易所的ORS系統,即可承接網上交易及手提電話發出之交易,當然可以使用貴公司自行發展的系統。