(SB-19) Cancel & Correction Module資料修正系統


(SB-19) C & C (Cancel & Correction Module) - Plug-in module for SB-1

This module can be added to SB, or SBN for trade information adjustment. A    must for those brokers with over-sea trades when information always comes late   with adjustments. All adjustment are done as transactions and recorded on daily    transaction registered as well as client’s statement.   


C & C資料修正系統,是為了調整交易記錄的特殊業務處理系統,本系統專為從事海外盤之行家使用,作用是修改已發生之交易,例如‘A’客之交易,因為接盤人員誤作‘B’客入賬,至客方收到結單才知事實而必需作修改。本系統採用註消方式入賬,並容許撥回上日賬之方式作可追溯式記錄調整方式達到目的,確保靈活性而不失監管上要求的可追溯性。(SB-1附件)