(SB-23)  Average Price System


If your client is a fund house who has many fund managers, you take orders under the account of the fund house and make distribution of these order taken during the date to each individual fund manager account. SFC specified in SFO and allows using averaged price for all quantity of a stock, and then distributing all consideration and expenses according to the quantities involved for each fund manager.

(Plug-in for SB-1) (SB-1附件)


貴公司客戶當中,如果有基金客, 可能每天要將基金公司的ORDER,依客方指示以平均價發出買賣單及結單給個別基金經理, 利用本系統將會非常方便.

圖示: 輸入交易時,要將同組要以平均價出交易,納入同TICKET NO.在稍後之步驟,即可將總數平均份配給客戶.