(SB-24)  Telex/Fax Confirmation Module



After entry of order ticket, and before printing of Statement, it is often necessary to inform oversea client (or some institution client) for the executed trades and their settlement method. This is called Confirmation. This Telex/Fax confirmation module allow user to make amendment before issuance and the file is ready for transmission via FAX or Telex service provider. (E.g. G&S) (A Plug-in of SB-1)


本系統是附加在SB,方便交易後以FAX,或TELEX覆盤. 並容許使用者將內容補充,才將文件發出. 使用時可配合SERVICE PROVIDER提供之FAXTELEX服務. (例如 G&S), 或自備FAX SERVER. (SB-1附件)