When the number of client has reach to a number that is difficult to monitor the daily operation in order to spot out those who are not allow to continue transaction without approval. E.g. those with over-due settlements.

To help management to achieve this goal, add this SUSPENDED A/C CONTROL module to monitor the daily transactions for suspended accounts. The method is to add a control flag for those who are defined as suspended account (or dormant account). The system read this flag whenever there is transaction related to this client, the transaction will be refused and the data entry operation will require

Supervisor for approval.

(Plug-in module for SB-1)                          

凍結戶口管理系統, 是配合客戶眾多的業務管理工具, 不同的凍結理由, 可自 由組合(如圖),然後在戶口設定標上有關狀態, 系統即可處理不同禁制功能,例如 不可輸入買賣,提存股票,或金額提存等, 要經管理人員批核才可解除凍結情況.