Since SB system was designed as a settlement system with a summed total of payments and receipts. It may not be possible to classify the lump sum amount into its detail categories. Should user want to break down fund transactions into its accounting nature, grouping transaction by account will be required.

This module allow user to manage fund movement transactions according to its nature. E.g. User can define the fund transaction as and Entitlement’, interest‘ or ’Handling Charge’. Etc. Receipted payment is also categorized into specified banks. This will allow user to print transaction according to its classifications. If an accounting system is used with the system, user will be able to setup an interface corresponding to the accounts.

(Plug-in of SB-1)                                                


多帳戶收支分類系統,不止可處理多銀行戶口,方便分析每日銀行收款總數,並互相對帳,在支出項目,更可以將費用分類, 方便會計入帳, 此系統可將數據分類列印.

Note: 本系統可配合AccountLink將交易明細轉送到GL/AC Systems