(SB-32) AUTO-CONTRA SYSTEM自動現金客戶結算系統



Settlement processing used to be a very tedious job and easy to catch error.

This system makes use of a concept that a Cash Client‘s account balance will usually be used for settlement. Adding this module to SB-1 will allow SB-1 to make any credit balance and use the computer to search for debit balance transactions (bought orders) and settle them automatically in a First Come First Service manner. The system will mark a partially settled bought transaction as unsettle and present them into the unsettle transaction register. This means that user need not to perform settlement by selecting contract notes one by one. Excess credit balance can be retained and presented to client‘s statement.

(This is a Plug-in module for SB-1)                                                         

圓角矩形圖說: No need manual settle one by one



自動現金客戶結算系統, 是針對大量現金客戶的行家使用. 原理是基於現金客戶的結餘,一般是準備交收之用,如果客戶有結餘,另一方面有未交收之交易,為甚麼不指揮電腦,自行以戶口結餘,將未交收之交易自行結算呢? 這是理所當然的亦是本系統的設計目的, 系統仍會將未完全結算的交易,保留在unsettle 記錄表中,方便監察, 用戶使用本系統,不用逐一處理交收結算. (SB-1附件)