(SB-42) Return Cheque Settlement Control


It is very often for client to bring back cheque, which was issued by the broker, firm for settlement of a combination of trades. A balance cheque can be issued accordingly.


Since these cheque(cheques) was issue by the issuer, it is naturally accepted.


If SB is working in associate with a BANK CHEQUE module (SB-6), it is possible for SB to verify if the cheque is valid, or in other word, not a re-used 'Void' cheque. This is to secure the company from any human mistake.


However, if there is no BANK CHEQUE module, user may install this option to manage return cheque with or without other cheque and lump sum together as a payment for settlement of one or more contracts.


此軟件系統是用來處理常見的以回頭支票作交收,並且可以印出對數後的尾數支票. 當用戶配用SB-6支票管理系統,更可用來與銀行結單對帳,完全電子化,非常方便。



在配合SB-6使用情況下, 此系統方便處理收到客戶交來支票,尤其是該等支票是由公司本身發出的,此系統可以檢查支票是否存在,並拒絕重覆使用。