(SB-46) Dividend/Bonus Credit note on Statement


SB-1 system has a dividend and bonus management module for processing distribution of entitlements. After the distribution, the system also print out documents such as

ll          Dividend Credit Note

ll          Bonus Advise Note

These document already details of how the dividend is calculated, and handling fee incurred.

Some broker firm prefers to have these information printed on to the Combined Statement so to save the document printing.

This module is an add-in of the SB-1 module and only applies to the system with combine statement. (Click here for details of combine statement module)


在綜合結單上加上派息及送紅股詳細資料, 是客戶服務的一種. 在SB-1中加入系功能, 就可以在綜合結單上, 加上因為派息或送股而產生的交易資料. 證券公司不用再為個別印出派息收條或紅股收條, 因為一切都詳細地顯示在結單上了,大大節省文件及印刷上之開支.


注意, 要加入此功能, 用戶要先有綜合成交單系統,即 SB-25 Combined Statement of Account and Contract Note.