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Risk control is extremely important for running a finance related business particularly for those margin financier who provide funding to investor and retain their stock as collateral which is fluctuating in market values and thus possible to become bad debit. It is therefore desired to monitor such situation and Call for Deposit at once.


SB-49 is a risk control module, which works in associate with MDF (Market Data Feed) for real time risk control. This system use the market price from MDF to update the stock master of the Client Portfolio, and run calculation for each client who has stock on hand and their total margin value are affected by the market value. When a client has balance due and this due amount is fall below the collateral value (margin value), a CALL FOR DEPOSIT signal will display on screen and print on to a Call Margin Report. Since market price changes all the time, the system will calculate for all client who has related stock in their portfolio.


Credit controller can make use of this report to follow up the Call for Deposit process.