(SB-5) 總賬會計系統 (PFS-LEDGER(N))


PFS-LEDGER is an Accounting Program for preparation of General Ledger of Accountings. Once voucher entries are entered, trial balance report is available. The system is specially designed to handle large amount of transaction and manage 24 months transactions Data. These data can be transferred from the PFS-STOCK in a single batch or done one by one manually to this system. User can create own account number and descriptions. Financial reports can be user created and modified. (Price include construction one set of chart of account and two financial report format file namely PROFIT/LOSS STATEMENT, and BALANCE SHEET to fit your account numbering system. We provide this service for your convenience so that you can make data entry without knowing how to create account code. Create additional company report with a cost of HK$6,00.00/per)