This is a data interface module added on to SB-1 to provide data interface with a Front End Trading system.


Data from the back office system are extracted and export to several text files. These files are then upload to the Front End Trading system, which can be MSSQL server, or Oracle server and independent to the platform used for the trading system.

At the day end, transaction file for buy/sell, fund payment/receipt, and stock deposit/withdrawal are imported to the back office settlement system in a text file format. Front End Trading system can make use of the data provided for RISK CONTROL during the trading hours.


BATCH TALK就是以批次形式對話. 一般是用在無法相容的兩個不同的系統, 例如前端是A公司的系統, 後端是POP系統, 因為A公司不願公開其系統, 所以POP提供後勤系統的資料, 以文字檔形式, A系統讀入, 一般是在開市前輸入前端系統. 同理, POP系統也可以從前端系統讀回交易資料.