JOB MANAGER SYSTEM is a user interface module to help user fully utilize all the POP’s systems. Using JOB MANAGER, it is no longer necessary for user to memorize all the startup command to activate their application systems. In return, it help user to train up new user also.


JOB MANAGER is personalized for user’s own PC’s, i.e. different user can have different function into the JOB MANAGER function list. User A can call the server as drive ‘F’ while the other user may call the server as ‘G’.
JOB MANAGER provides stages backup feasibility, which means that user, is no longer necessary to wait until the enforced backup to be fully completed in order to proceed to the next steps of daily operations. With JOB MANAGER, user can make a speedy temporarily backup and proceed the rest of the daily jobs and allow JOB MANAGER to do the full backup at a convenient time.


Because the backup processing can be breakup into stages, user will not be required to install mass media for data storage (such as MO DRIVE) for each Pcs which ,by means of conventional method, is necessary for performing backup processing.


Another enhancement is the added UPGRADE UTILITY which help user to make system upgrade as easy as selecting a function. User need not to read a lot of paper works before proceeding the upgrade processing.


下圖為標準具有各種功能的JOB MANAGER工作總管系統




JOB MANAGER 可稱為工作總管. 此系統提供統一用戶介面,集中處理所有POP系統,用戶不再強記各項系統呼叫指令, 新手員工的訓練變得容易得多. JOB MANAGER擁有使用者自用電腦的個人化性格記錄, 不同的電腦, 有不同的原有設定, 亦可作不同的工能限制,例如甲機有GL系統,乙機可以將GL系統隱藏.

JOB MANAGER除了提供易用的介面,更有階段方式備份功能. 因為各種POP系統都有不同程度的強制性BACKUP功能,使用傳統方式要等待整個過程完成才能作下階段工序,某些程況下確有阻礙工作的暢順安排,JOB MANAGER提供階段性備份功能,因此可將原系統加速BACKUP,將備份用暫記方式儲藏,令下一步工作得以最短時間內展開,正式備份由JOB MANAGER處理.

分段備份更可以有效分配電腦資源.因為並非每台電腦均有光碟機,備份工作如果硬性在有光碟機的電腦進行,可能要強制在每台電腦均加入光碟機. 用了JOB MANAGER,備份可由有光碟機的電腦處理而不影響工作的延續.


    另一突破概念,是將系統UPGRADE功能,交由JOB MANAGER,用戶收到