1 Dealing Securities


1.1. POP Systems for Oversea Stock Market

(SB-16) FSB (Foreign Stock Broker System)

This is a multi-currencies broker house settlement management system for handling trades through international markets. This system issue contract notes, confirmations, statements and maintain stock balance for retrieval at any time. FSB has a multi-location DEPOT system to keep where the stock are located. The system allow user to enter commission, stamps, levy,VAT, TAX, loan stock interest, or clearing fee.





本系統之特點為多貨幣處理各種股票交易,發出買賣單CONTRACT NOTE,確認單CONFIRMATION,結算單STATEMENT,並可以隨時核對股票存貨,存貨所在,而且使用者可以自定各項費用(如佣金,印花,交易費,VAT)






This system is a multi-currencies Margin Client Control system to work with FSB system. Margin position, and interest accrued are calculated automatically and instantly for each market balances. This module allows input transaction from HK STOCK SYSTEM and combines with all over-sea transactions to from a consolidated statement. User of HK stock system will also be able to obtain consolidated statement for all market with this module.

  Page 1 shows portfolio

  Page 2 shows balances



功能為以多貨幣會計方式,處理客戶孖展之計算,包括收支,利息,追補按金等即時報告等功能.本系統兼具賬目綜合查核功能,可同時查閱港股系統內之MARGIN POSITIONS,亦可將港股之易資料,合併列印在同一STATEMENT,成為綜合結單. 處理港股及外國股之綜合結單時,要同時擁有相應的系統.