11. Make your client happy


POP Systems has tools for you to keep excellent contact with your client.

As soon as market close, you can send out statement to client by email (I-2), and your client can see the trading details from your web site. (I-1). This is a fabulous idea, which will make your client happy and become your loyal customer.


You can also use (FM3) Contact Plus to send general notice, or promotion information to your client. One click and all your client will get your information.


During daily operation, it is often so required to compare client’s signature against the record and verify client’s identity to process payment. Image center is an excellent tool for this purpose.


Please refer to related page for details


I1 EcVIEW Web Statement

I2 Email-Statement

FM3  Contact Plus

X2 Image Center - Client ID and Contract copy

TE80 TradeEasy - Sales Business System and CRM system