Affiliate Company關係企業


DacEasy (HK) Ltd. is an affiliate company of Pop Electronic Products Ltd.

The company is founded in 1990 and solely for distribution of DacEasy products which was published by DacEasy, Inc. U.S.A


DacEasy (HK) Ltd. is an independent company with no direct or indirect relationship with DacEasy Inc. U. S.A. However, as a distributor of DacEasy Inc., DacEasy (HK) Ltd. is licensed to use the name DacEasy for trades on DacEasy products.


DacEasy products are ranged from Accounting for Window98, and Window NT and Window 2000 environments.


DacEasy also produce software systems for payroll management, point of sales, order entry, job managers.


DacEasy (HK) Ltd. has about 40,000 users in Hong Kong while DacEasy Inc. has user of 1,500,000 user worldwide.


All DacEasy product are packaged for retail and self-contain with training material.