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If you read this product guide with Microsoft Word 97/2000 Viwer (included in the CD version product guide), you will be able to quick reach to the topic you want to read.


First find a topic which is interesting to you content page, whereby you will see a POP product code (e.g. SB-xx) in the document.  Just click the product code, and you will be on a page with all particularies describing the topic, same as a hyper-link when you browse on internet.


If you read with a printed copy, the above search feature will not work.


This guide is arranged in two parts. The first part will be a summary of all POP’s products catagorised in 9 chapters corresponding to 9 restricted activities imposed by SFC. From chapter 10 onward are common use systems for all types of businesses. POP also produce general purposes systems for businesses other then financial institution.


Part 2 of this guide is arranged in the order of product code number each represents details of individual product. This arrangement is in same order as shown in the content page. If you read this document with word viewer, you can click the product from the content page and go to the selected page instantly.


It is impossible to explain all details of all POP products. Therefore, please regard this as a guide and please feel free to ask POP to arrange demonstration. 


Please visit for latest information which may be renewed from time to time.


Do not hesitate to call: 23918816

Or email to : for Mr. HP Chan, the Managing Director.


Note: Crossed out item are dis-continued item. Usually, there is an alternative product or no longer supported by POP.


This Product Guide is for your reference. It is best to read this guide with a computer. The soft copy of this guide allows you to netvigating around with click and reach feature. You are encouraged to distribute this guide to other user who may be interesting in areas other then you. Should you have any question, or requests for more copy of this guide please feel free to contact us.
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Supporting Policy

All Pop Products are warranted with 12 months (from installation date) on operations and compliance with local regulations on mandatory issues. Annual maintenance charge will be 15% of the market price of the corresponding products. Sessions of training (depending on products) will be at client’s site for the first 2 months. After the first two months, on site visit are on call basis without additional charge. Additional training will be offered for new staffs at POP‘s office at a minimal cost.

Normal on site service will be from 9:00AM to 8:00PM. (we accept ON SITE servcie call before 6:00PM). Visit after 8:00PM will be considered emergency call and subject to a service charge per visit. Pop’s entire liability shell be, at Pop’s option, either (a) return of the price paid, or (b) repair or replacement of the software.

No liability for consequential damages arising out of the use of any product list here. It is users’ responsibility to maintain their data.


Pop has one price policy and we believe that you will appreciate that we have make price so competitive that you need only to spend time to select the right product and obtain our excellent service. In case of a broker firm who want to change their company to a Limited company with same management and staffs, we offer them a new set of program with one tenth of the list price and help them to transfer data to new company and maintain account data of the old company. Special on site training can be arranged at a rate of HK$5,000 per visit within HongKong.

Pop‘s software is sold in terms of license for use. User does not own the software. The right for use is not transfer-able or re-sellable. New company who acquires an existing company will purchase a new license for using POP ’s systems.

POP reserve all rights to modify specification mentioned in this guide without prior advice.  All products are sold as is and any further enhancements are subjected to service charges.