OB-1 SEHK Equity Option 股票期權 


This is a back office computer system for members of HKEX who trade Equity option products. This system is mainly for general clearing members. It has all the necessary function for daily operations from starting trade execution entry, settlement, margining, and accounting.

The system employs Risk Array Method for margin calculation and uses a Simplified Method for IntraDay Margining Management. Real Time Calculation of Margin is possible with a built-in Simplified Method (because the Risk Array is not available until market closed.)



股票期權系統 OB-1是配合在聯合交易所交易之股票期權系統,專供一般結算會員使用,(不包括市場莊家)。 本系統包含完整的業務管理功能, 凡是日常業務的上至交易記錄,交收,成交單及結單印製,以至風險管理, 無所不備。本系統採用會方核定的RISK ARRAY方式計算孖展,另一方面留有SIMPLIFIED METHOD處理即時的孖展評估,協助用戶有效處理客戶之投資參考。