POP offers system to users who prefer to rent rather then purchase a computer system. They may want to trial use some POP system before purchase. Somebody would like to allocate their budget in other area and POP's rental scheme offers them more flexible way for their business.


How to rent POP system?

The answer is simple and easy; just order the items from this product guide and start using.


What is the rental rate?

You just pay a one off setup fee, which is 15% of the system cost, and then pay 5% every month. It is just as simple as this. No minimum cost, and no contract on rental period to bind you.

E.g. If you want to rent our Multi Market SB system, (SB-16) which has a listed price of HK$68,000. You simple pay (15% of the list price) HK$10,200 and HK$3,400 (5% of the list price) for the first month rental charge, you get the system installed into your company. You see! the total is just HK$13,600 and you can start-up your multi-market business.


How to pay monthly?

The answer is by cheque or by bank transfer. However, you need to pay eariler if you want to settle by cheque. Otherwise, we may not be able to send you a software key to switch on your system.


Can I stop at any time I like ?

Yes, you can. We will not charge you for the following month. However, we will not refund to you the unused portion of the month and the initial setup fee. Therefore, please plan carefully.


Can I continue to use the system without paying rent ?

Yes and No. The yes means that you can continue to use the system for print out reports and perform data retrieval jobs as long as your like. We believe this is essential because your business require you to keep data available for inspection for at lease 7 years.

The no means that you cannot use the system to input new data from the un-paid month onward. You need a software key to keep your program run.

How to ensure that the system work for the period paid?

POP release a software key on the web site for you to download in order to switch on your system. In other word, it is simple and easy job. POP may deliver to you directly.

Can I continue to use the system after cease to use for a period of time ?

Yes, simply pay the setup fee and one month rent in advance, you will get the software key to switch on the system license and you can continue to use your system.

Yes, you need to pay the setup fee to start again.


What is the setup fee means ?

Setup fee is the cost to prepare a software system for your company. It covers on-site installation and 3 sessions of on site training. The setup fee does not include software modification for specific requirement.


Can POP modify the system to meet our own requirement ?

Yes, modification will be at reasonable cost. However, this labor cost is not available for rental. This is one off service charge. Please note that we will not change (i.e. update) the portion specifically for your company even there is market requirement to do so. You need to pay another modification fee for any changes thereafter.