SB-50 Multi-Channel Commission


Multi-Channel Commission

From April 1,2003 the new SFO will allow a flexible commission rate. It will be a business decision rather then a rule. Many broker firms select the way to regulate their commission income by turnover, and the cost of trading methods. SB-50 is for this purpose. Once installed, user can assign different commission rate by Channel, and also by turnover. E.g. Trade executed via on line trading service will be less then trade done with phone call. This is reasonable and well accepted by investor.


依照交易途徑來收取佣金,即是我們SB-50 MULTI-CHANNEL系統提供的功能

例如貴公司有用網上接單,理論上客人冇錢買貨,指令已由系統拒絕,不會煩到DEALER,而成功通過的亦自動在市場成交,公司不用承擔風險,這類客亦不用A/E回佣,運作成本亦很輕.加上選擇網上落單的客戶,一定接受網上睇STATEMENT,您可以連通告等都經網上發放,行家們可以計出成本會很低,所以佣金也可以儘量減少, POP系統SB-50的強勁功能,客人可以在家中上網落單,在公司不方便上網,可以委託A/E落單,不論多少單 ,SB50都可以分別以有關的方程式計佣,即網上交易的用上述2.項, 經A/E的可依第一項,開戶時決定後,以後全自動操作計算.




SB-50 + SB-70

When SB-50 is enhanced with SB-70, POP system will become more sophisticated as shown below. Calculate with commission rate fall into the specified range.


SB-50 + SB-71, similar in looking but calculated in scale down method.