SB-51 Multi-Currencies Function for HKEX products


This system (Ver 7.5) is a superset of Hong Kong Market Stock Broker System,

a REPLACEMENT OF (SB-1 ver. 7.0) with enhancements to make the system capable to manage foreign currency stock settlement of stocks traded at HKEX. 

Features: -

-   To accept foreign currency client/broker trades               

-   Calculate trade net amount in foreign currencies                      

-   Confirmation to show value amount in trade currency          

-   B/S Note to show value amount in trade currency                 

-   Daily Transaction Register to show foreign currency trades

-   Settled/Unsettled Report to show foreign currency trades      

-                   Daily/monthly statement to present balance of each trade currency


-   Monthly levy report to present levy amount in each currency  

    and at end show the monthly total in local currency



- 接受以外國貨幣作交易的客戶/經紀商所下的訂單。

-  以外國貨幣計算交易之净額。

- 以交易之貨幣顯示交易價值數額。

- 在資產負債表的附註上以交易的貨幣顯示價值數額。

- 在“每日交易登記者”顯示外幣之交易。

- “決算/未決算報表”中顯示外幣之交易。

- 日/月報表中,分別列出每個交易貨幣的餘額。

- 於每月的徵費報告中,以每個貨幣顯示相關的費用,並且以本幣顯示總額。