SB-56 Equity Linked Instrument system


ELI stands for Equity Linked Instrument and a product traded at HKEX.
This product is well accepted by investor and because any brokerage firm can buy and sell this product for investors. To make SB-1 to be able to manage ELI product, adding SB-56 is the solution. On top of processing normal buy and sell transaction, POP system has a built in distribution tool for brokerage firm to manage those transactions on the expiry date. When ELI positions will be withdrawn and convert to a determined amount of cash or, in some cases, deposit physical underlying stock to client’s accounts.

ELI 是股票掛鈎票據, 是一種在交易所買賣的產品, 因為任何證券公司都可以代客買賣ELI,所以頗受投資者歡迎. 當系統加入了ELI功能, 您們將會在SB看到以下增加項目 右方有(*), 開始設定好, 以後的工作會很簡單, 不用人手計算及檢查. 系統更注重在到期日,因應要求將ELI轉換成金額或鈎股票的分配工作.



dd/mm/yyyy                 (231) STOCK MASTER ENTRY                         



                   STOCK NO : 1802                                           

                 STOCK CODE : KC-CK(H)*U0210A                                

                STOCK GROUP : 1                ISIN CODE :                   

                 STOCK NAME : KC-CHEUNG KONG HOLD BULL ELI 57.66 15/10/02    

      TRADE SUSPENDED (Y/N) :               SUSPENDED ON :                   

       CONTRACT STAMP (Y/N) : N         START LISTING ON : 02/08/02          

                       TYPE : E     (G=GEM, B=BOND, L=LOAN STOCK, E=ELI)     

          CCASS STOCK (y/N) : Y     START CCASS TRADE ON : 05/08/02   (d/m/y)

                   LOT SIZE :   1,000           U. PRICE :     53.7500       

           MARGIN RATIO 1st :  0.200   2nd:          3rd:          4th:      

APPROVED STOCK ASSET GRADE : D                                              

WARRANT,RTS,ELI EXPIRY DATE : 15/10/02        CDF :            ELAR :        


  ELI UNDERLYING STOCK : 1       TYPE (UER) : U  Bull   ISSUE PRICE :   55.740*

  STRIKE PRICE (Lower) :   57.660  Upper :            ENTITLE RATIO :  1.0000 *

  SETTLEMENT MODE (CP) : P  Physical   SETTLE DATE : 17/10/02                 *


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┌───────────── POP SECURITIES LIMITED ──────────────┐

dd Mmm, yyyy.        STOCK BROKER SYSTEM (Version 7.0f)         hh:mm:ss On 

LPT1!               (9) DIVIDEND, BONUS & ELI MANAGEMENT               Share



               0. EXIT to MAIN MENU                                           


               1. STOCK ANNOUNCEMENT ENTRY                                   

               2. CREATE NEW BOOK CLOSED QTY RECORD                          

               3. ADJUST BOOK CLOSED QTY                                     


               4. DIVIDEND PROCESSING                                        

               5. BONUS, WARRANT, RIGHTS, SPLIT & CONSOLIDATION              


               6. BOOK CLOSE REMINDER REPORT                                 


               E. ELI MATURITY PROCESSING                                     *





┌────────────── POP SECURITIES LIMITED ─────────────┐

dd Mmm, yyyy.        STOCK BROKER SYSTEM (Version 7.0f)         hh:mm:ss On 

LPT1!                   (9E) ELI MATURITY PROCESSING                   Share *


          ELI Stock:                             ELI Type:                    

   Underlying Stock:                          Expiry Date:                   

   Strike Price (Lower):                      Settle Date:                   

                 Upper :                    Entitle Ratio:                   

Underlying Stock Price:                        Board Lot:                   

                                              Settle Mode:                   

            0. EXIT                                                          

            1. SELECT ELI FOR PROCESSING                                     

            2. PRINT ELI MATURITY REPORT                                     

            3. PRINT ELI MATURITY CHEQUE TO CLIENT                           

            4. PRINT ELI MATURITY REGISTER                                   

            5. PRINT ELI STOCK SETTLEMENT RECEIPT                            

            6. GENERATE ELI SETTLEMENT TO CLIENT                             

            7. SAVE ELI MATURITY REGISTER TO "DView"                         

            R. RESET DIVIDEND CHEQUE NO TO BLANK                             

            S. SETUP ELI MATURITY CHARGES RATE                               



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