(SB36) Payment Cheque Module


The settlement method of Back Office System for broker firm has been changed drastically due to the endless change of the market situation. E.g. Settlement used to be done contract by contract and thus cheque printing follows each sold contract note. Later, when trading activities become busy, cheque printing with contra amount of bought. /sold note become the main stream. Since the control of unsettlement is necessary, computer system was designed to reconcile contract note easily.

The recent trend is to maintain client’s fund in additional to client’s stock portfolio. It become necessary to response to client’s demand to withdraw money and thus instant cheque printing become necessary. Pay on the next transaction date becomes an unacceptable practice.

(SB-36) Payment Cheque module is thus an add-on of SB system for this purpose. User can make payment based on client’s credit balance and make an instant cheque. SB system allows registration of this type of cheque and (if available) post cheque to CHO+ module. It is also good idea to link with the multi-bank module for accounting purpose.


電腦後勤系統隨著市場不同要求變化萬千,例如昔日遂單交收的習慣,令支票印製都是依每單沽單印出,後來交易頻密,同日多宗交易而每單印票變成不受歡迎,比對出票成為時尚,近日更因為要代客管存資金,同時要滿足客戶隨時要求提款,所以即時出票變成必要的要求. 靈活列印交收餘額支票系統配用 SB-31尤佳..