1.2. Brokerage Firm with large number of transactions



For broker firm with many transactions, they need to enhance their production capability in processing their orders executions.


HKEX allow broker firm to build their own order processing system, named as BSS (broker supplied system), and POP deliver this type of system in the name of CAMS (for Computer Aided Order Management System).


An OG provided by HKEX will be used to work with CAMS. CAMS is a system to collect all client’s order instructions and routed to HKEX via the OG.


Client side order from the HKEX on-line trading service can also be routed to the broker side, and process with broker’s BSS or MWS.

HKEX provide this service as ORS (Order Routing Service).



Broker System here means the

CAMS (E3)  a broker supplied system to work with OG

See next page for details

Use OG/BSS to process large numbers of orders




OG interface
supplied by HKEX


E3 CAMS   Enterprises Versionfor broker who use OG/BSS


www   網絡交易





















This configuration allows a broker firm to collect order from the counter, on phone, or via internet. The add-on module SB-47 is a data synchronization system to make the front end capable to read whatever happened at the back end system.