13. Enhancements on SB-1


Depending on the need of specific business, there are add on functions for POP System to achieve a particular application. For example, a broker firm who has a bank as an omni-bus account, representing a group of bank’s client to make securities buy/sell transaction through this broker firm will have Bank Client system SB28 added. This system have a built-in Settlement Batch file upload function to transfer all stock to bank’s CCASS a/c.




因應業務不同需要, POP系統有多種附加功能, 有效地處理各式業務要求.例如: 有銀行盤的證券公司, 應該加入SB28 銀行盤系統, 這系統有內置SI BATCH FILE UPLOAD功能, 可以將屬於銀行客之股票, 用SI方式轉移到銀行的CCASS戶口. 快而準.